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Think about this. You're old. You're about to kick the bucket. You own a 3 room flat in Toa Payoh. You have 3 ungrateful children, of which, one can't stop thinking about her inheritance, the other can't remember who you are and the last doesn't even want to acknowledge you as her own. The only one who you can trust can't even stand up on her own two feet. What do you do?

Washing dirty linen in public couldn't get any dirtier than this. Based on a true story, but of course with drama sikit! Awake with Nenek addresses the age-old question that has been on many Singaporean's minds since the word HDB came about. "Who's going to get the 3 room flat?", even if they don't necessarily deserve to get it.

Awake with Nenek is a comedy that will make you laugh, cry, jeer and even wonder if your own relatives are doing the very same thing behind your back right now.

Written and directed by: Tian Lye

Performed at: The Arts House Play Den from the 26th to the 28th February 2010

Starring: Aarathi A, Crispian Chan, Edward Choy, Grace Kalai, Josephine Tan, Muhd Ruzani B Mazani and Karthikeyan S

Lighting design by: Albert Wileo Sound design by: Darren D'cunha



Imagine a world, barren, bruised and utterly destroyed. Imagine growing up in this world and never knowing what a tree is because you've never seen one. Imagine being the people, of the only two cities left in this world and there are two insatiable giants turning on you because there is nothing left to devour. And all you hear at night are distant screams, knowing that maybe tomorrow it might be your own. Imagine.

Will you succumb and let those fat greedy fingers find you hiding in fear in that dark damp cellar? Or will you put an end to it all, by fighting for what's left of your world. Fighting because you want the world to live.

Written by Noel Greig and directed by Tian Lye

Performed at The Arts House Play Den from the 15th to 18th January 2009.

Starring: Nina M. Kosasih, Rebecca Birch, Rei Poh, Ross Nasir and Tian Lye

Featuring students from Tampines Secondary School: Brian Chan, Juliana Johan, Nurhaziqah Azman, Reuben Wong, Putri Nurdiarti and Vignesh Kumar


2008 - Up Close & Personal

6 plays taken from 6 lives. A night of nothing but the truth. Up Close & Personal. How often do you get to hear it from the horses mouth?

Written by: The actors from Up Close & Personal, featuring Lewin Bernard for "Don't Friend You".

Performed at Telok Ayer Performing Arts Centre from the 14th to 17th August 2008

Starring: Faizal Abdullah, Nina M. Kosasih, Rebecca Birch, Ross Nasir, Tian Lye and Yazid Jalil

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