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About the programme

Our programmes are designed to help students articulate their own value and worth as they encourage students to move beyond self and boundaries imposed by society, to achieve their goals with their school and beyond.

Through our programmes, we foster creative expression, discipline, collaboration, self-awareness and personal transformation. Students of diverse backgrounds and abilities channel their energies into inspiring artistic endeavors.

The imagiNation CCA programme strives to instill in students a fervent interest in drama through a fun and spontaneous approach while working with an ultimate goal in mind, a performance involving all students taking a role, be it an actor or a stage crew, and carrying out each role independently and confidently. This course aims to develop a comprehensive understanding as well as provide practical knowledge of what goes on in front and behind the stage in theatre productions.

What the programme covers

Through the intensice imagiNation CCA programmes, students will be trained in voice, movement and acting. They will also be introduced to the basics of Technical Theatre. imagiNation programmes are suitable for the Singapore Youth Festival training and preparations, as well as for in school or public performances, be it scale or large.


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