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"Believing in ideas is important. Giving it a voice and making a change is most crucial"

We Colour People is a non profit theatre society created in 2008 by like minded creative and dedicated individuals who believed that theatre exist as an agent for positive social change.

Our mission is to create an avenue for all to explore, express and experiment without fear of judgment or prejudice. We want to give every individual equal opportunity and freedom to express creativity and love for theatre.

We Colour People also strives to produce original, entertaining and most importantly, plays that are easy to digest yet thought provoking at the same time. We strive to produce original, entertaining and most importantly, plays that are easy to digest yet thought provoking at the same time with more "Keeping it simple" performances that everyone can enjoy. "Keeping it simple" to We Colour People means that we work harder to produce plays that are easy to understand and identify with, but most of all, plays that have local flavour and come with lessons that are close to home.



Tian Lye - Artistic Director

Within 6 months of going into professional acting, Tian Lye was nominated Best Actress in The Straits Times Life! Awards 2006 for her role in Flush by Agni Koothu. That nomination pushed her acting career forward, landing her roles in productions such as Off Centre by The Necessary Stage as well as Separation, The Kalinga Trilogy by Mirror Theatre in collaboration with Esplanade Theatres for Kalaa Utsavam, Ignoreland by Dramabox, to name a few.

In 2009, Tian Lye found her calling as a director with her very first debut in Rainbow's Ending presented by We Colour People. She then continued to write and direct for We Colour People and produced "Awake with Nenek" in 2010.

As Artistic Director for We Colour People, Tian Lye hopes to inspire others and give them equal opportunity that she was given.

Lewin Bernard - Managing Director

Lewin's love for theatre began when he participated and received an Honors certificate for Effect Speech from London College of Music at age 13. In 2003, Lewin decided to pursue his career in the arts professionally by working with Just Justers, a children's entertainment company where he learnt to manage talents and events for the company. When the opportunity of working with overseas theatre companies cane about, Lewin seized it immediately and was rewarded with valuable knowledge and experience. He worked with Polyglot Puppet Theatre (Australia), Kazenoko-Kyushu theatre company (Japan), Cleveland theatre company (UK), Tuida (South Korea) and Papon & Tonino (Argentina). He also had the chance to improve and develop his skills with established local companies such as Act 3 Internation, Agni Koothu, DramaBox and The Theatre Practice.

In 2007, Lewin was selected to perform for Playhouse Disney's traveling school shows by Disney (SEA) and has not stop performing for them since.

In 2008, along with his peers, Lewin co-founded We Colour People. Given his experience in management, he was elected Managing Director of We Colour People. Since then, he produced plays for We Colour People such as "Up Close and Personal", a series of short plays, in which he wrote his first play "Don't Friend You", "Rainbow's Ending" in 2009 and "Awake with Nenek" in 2010.

He hopes to influence others around him with motivation and hunger to improve. And he is also determined to inspire audiences and steer We Colour People forward.

Nina M. Kosasih - Finance Manager

Nina graduated from LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts with a Diploma in Theatre Arts. Her acting credits include LaSalle productions - "Let the Balloons Go", " Bedtimes Stories" as part of a monologue festival titled "Tongues Untied", "MC Checkpoint" directed by Agni Kooth, "Fanshen" and "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" directed by Matt Grey.

Nina also starred in True Files for Mediacorp TV as well as the Indonesian Arts Festival from 2003 to 2005.

In the 2007 Indonesia Arts Festival, she has the opportunity to direct a short 15 min play. She has also worked as a post production video editor for the renowned Indonesia theatre company, Teater Koma for their production with Opera Kecoa in 2003 and also as their make-up artist in 2005. Nina was part of the make-up and costume department of the mandarin production He Shi Bi held at the Victoria Theatre in 2004. In 2007, she was a stage manager for Transfigurated Night, an Esplanade production.

Nina decided to pursue a Diploma in Business Management from Marketing Institute of Singapore and graduated in 2008.

Nina is one of the founding members of We Colour People.

Leonard Bernard - Publicity Manager

Leonard boast a Diploma with Merit in Business Administration (Branding Development) from the prestigious Singapore Polytechnic School of Business. During his studies he interned at Jetstar Airways where he wowed the people there with his excellent people skills and was hired immediately after his internship. During the course of his studies, he was placed on the honor roll for his excellent results. He has thus been accepted into Lee Khong Chian School of Business at the Singapore Management University and is very eager to learn more. The arts scene is very new to Leonard, however he is keen to put to use all his skills that he has acquired in his many years of studies and hopes to see We Colour People reach greater heights.

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